At Elk we develop technologies enabling a new generation of connected musical instruments and audio processors.

We have acquired deep expertise in Linux and hard real-time systems and know how to use modern programming practices to handle complex software products that are both performant, flexible and easy from a developer perspective.

As part of our mission to revolutionize the music and audio fields, we are offering tailor made support and consulting to third-parties businesses who would like to implement some of the technologies or techniques we have developed into their products or solutions.

Services offered
Embedded / IoT Development:
  • Linux Board Support Package (BSP)
  • Linux device drivers
  • Fast prototyping using modules / single-board computers
  • Microcontrollers and DSP development: XMOS, Cortex-M, TI C67XX
  • PCB design & layout
Software development
  • High-performance C++ applications
  • Real-time systems
  • Data analysis
  • Signal processing
  • Professional audio applications
Platforms & CPUs
  • Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, XMOS, Docker
  • Intel Atom, Broadcom 283x (Raspberry Pi), NXP i.MX 6/7/8, STM32MP1, XMOS, Cortex-M MCUs
Languages & Tools
  • Modern C++, C, XC, Python, BASH
  • Git, CMake, Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Gcc, Clang
Frameworks / Libraries
  • Xenomai, systemd, gRPC, Boost, QT, JUCE


Elk on stage with MUSE -  Chris Whitemyer tells the story

How Elk works


Steinberg on the Elk Powered Retrologue desktop synth

Christofer Ståhl from Ericsson on Elk Audio OS and 5G!