Elk Powered

The MUSE synth guitar is an Elk Powered custom build for British mega band MUSE. It was done in collaboration with Fishman – makers of the TriplePlay MIDI Guitar Controller and Arturia – creators of the Prophet V synthesizer part of the V Collection.

The base of the guitar is a standard Manson electric that has been favoured my MUSE guitarist and frontman Matt Bellamy for years. But what is unique about this particular guitar is its ability to run VST instruments inside the actual guitar, giving it’s player a new kind of freedom when performing. 

For the Simulation Theory World Tour Matt Bellamy uses the guitar to run the Arturia Prophet V synth.

The guitar is rock solid! Matt and I couldn’t be happier. It does everything I hoped it would and it’s on stage every night”

Chris Whitemyer – MUSE guitar tech

To read the full story on how this unique guitar came together please go here.

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