Elk Pi / BLACKBOARD Bundle kit

The Elk Pi Bundle is the full Elk Pi dev kit, including the Elk Pi hat, together with the BLACKBOARD Breakout/Controller board, and is for you who wants an easy solderless start to your Elk Audio OS project.

Just like the basic kit it allows you to run the 64-bit Elk Audio OS image. You get access to the Cross compilation SDK and a JUCE fork for straightforward porting of plugins to Elk.

€319,00 EUR

For the full documentation please go here

For the 500+ pre ported open-source plugins please here

Both the Elk Pi Hat and the BLACKBOARD are temporarily out of stock so the Elk Pi / BLACKBOARD Bundle kit is not available at the moment.

If you are interested in this bundle, or one of the two included items (Elk Pi & BLACKBOARD) please send an email to support@elk.audio for pre-orders.

If you are a company looking to use the the Bundle kit to evaluate Elk Audio OS for commercial purposes, please send us an email info@elk.audio