So, who are you?

I come from a city called Coimbatore in the Southern part of India. After finishing high school, I moved out of the country to do my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nottingham. In 2014, I felt that I needed more experience in the field of Research and Development and as a consequence, I enrolled for my Masters degree in Embedded Systems at the Royal Technical Institute (KTH) in Stockholm Sweden. I have been in Sweden ever since.

I am also a musician and music has been a great part of my life. I have been playing drums and guitar for about 13 years now, am really into technical metal, and nowadays a lot of electronic music as well. One of my main motivations for majoring in embedded systems was the application of music processing, as I was really fascinated with, and absolutely loved the Digitech RP90 guitar processor I got as a gift when I was 14. At that age i used to fiddle with some DAWs and record (albeit very badly) some of my guitar compositions. Other than music, I recently got into cycling. mostly as a consequence of the sheer beauty of Stockholm which I wanted to explore. I occasionally cycle long distances to visit some of the archipelago islands with my friends as a weekend retreat.

How did you end up here at Elk?

During the end of my masters degree I was actively looking for a thesis project. Around this time, I came across Elk at a startup event, at which I saw the company’s CTO Stefano and CEO Michele holding a guitar. Intrigued, I approached then and got to know about the company, and their SENSUS guitar. Since the guitar represented both my interest in music as well as embedded systems, I applied for a thesis position at Elk. After my thesis, I started to work full time here.

What is your role at Elk?

I am mostly responsible for the design and implementation of all the low level firmware in the microcontrollers which power Elk. Lately, for the past 6 months or so, I have also been dabbling a little with the Linux kernel, audio drivers and the Yocto build system. On the side, I also take care of the office recycling and other small jobs to make sure our work environment stays awesome!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I feel that the most challenging part of designing an embedded software system, is to make sure that the code is scalable and modular. Requirements always change and time is money. So I spend a lot of consideration on writing my software as generic as possible, so its architecture allows easy integration, modification or even the ability to add new features without hassle. Fortunately, as my experience increases, I can feel that I am getting better as it goes.

Another part which is quite challenging is the testing part. As there are many parts which make ELK, it takes time to find the root of the problem as it’s an integrated system. I have come to realize that consistent and patient approaches are quite efficient in solving such issues 🙂

Best guitar solo ever?

Though I have come across some extremely inspiring solos over the years, I still can recollect the feeling of total “mind blowingness” of the solo in Comfortably Numb by David Gilmour when I was 14 or 15 years old. I was just introduced to music from the western hemisphere around that time and to say that it was inspirational would be an understatement.

Most desired piece of vintage gear?

Maybe not vintage, but I would like a complete Pearl custom kit with too many cymbals, in a drum room which is so soundproof that it could mute a nuclear explosion to the outside. Yeah, this room exists in my future apartment/house. Nothing wrong with fantasy right :D?

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