This is a significant feature release, where most of the new interesting stuff come from major updates in SUSHI 0.11, which now is able to dynamically load plugins & tracks at run-time, send push notifications to clients, comes with a fully reworked gRPC API, a couple of new internal plugins and many other things. Check the relative forum thread for more details.

For the rest, we updated the underlying Yocto system to keep up to date to recent kernels, Raspberry Pi firmware and gcc compiler.

On the minor side, we have decided to drop support for Raspberry Pi 3 binary builds – we will provide only RPi4 64 bit builds from now on. However, it is still possible to build RPi3 images from our Yocto layers, if anyone is interested in taking up the task of preparing RPi3 builds we’d be very happy to give her/him the necessary help to get started for that.

As usual, you can find more details and the download links on our Github release page.

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