What’s your professional background?
I am a music DSP researcher and engineer with both academic and industrial experience. I had my M.Sc. degree in computer engineering in 2010, took my doctoral degree with a thesis on virtual analog modeling in 2014 from the Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, and have been working at Arturia on the DSP of both old and new products from April 2015 to December 2017. I am now freelancing since March 2018.
What are you using Elk for?

I am going to design and implement a prototype hardware product around the board, namely a freeze/sostenuto effect pedal. The DSP algorithm is an original one that I have detailed in a scientific publication in 2018, and which was already demoed on Elk by MIND at NAMM 2018.

For me the main strength of Elk is the unique combination of:strong real-time and low latency guarantees powerful, easy-to-work-with, standardized, and mostly general-purpose hardware and software good quality codecs.

What’s the main benefit of Elk going open source?

IMHO the potential in this sense is huge. It can allow, speed up, and simplify collaborations, especially among small players (as in my case for the freeze/sostenuto effect pedal) make it much easier for music software developers to enter the hardware market bring quality audio processing to the DIY/maker/prototyper masses, all the way from trained electronic musicians to robotic engineers hopefully create new means of distribution and usage of audio software.

Have you worked with other hardware development kits?

I have played with other development boards (e.g., Freescale i.MX, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SHARC). What Elk does really well is minimizing the time and effort from unboxing the board to having good quality sound running through it with very low latency. It should then be generally really easy, given the Pi hardware, to port existing software to Elk.

Check out Stefanos work at dangelo.audio and follow the build of the Sostenuto pedal here.

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