The BLACKBOARD is the perfect companion to your Elk Pi. It’s a Breakout / Controller board that goes on top of your Elk Pi hat and gives you easy solderless access to:

  • 4 fixed audio in
  • 4 fixed audio out
  • 2 fixed cv out
  • 2 inputs switchable between audio and cv
  • 2 outputs switchable between audio and cv
  • 4 gate out
  • 2 gate in
  • MIDI in/out (minijack)
  • 4 faders with LEDs on top
  • 9 buttons with LEDs above each
  • 1 potentiometer
  • 1 encoder with push button
  • 128×64 monochrome OLED display


Please note that the BLACKBOARD will not function without the Elk Pi hat. To order the BLACKBOARD & Elk Pi in a bundle please go here.

If you are interested to the BLACKBOARD (and/or the Elk Pi Hat) please send an email to for pre-orders.

If you are a company looking to use the BLACKBOARD to evaluate Elk Audio OS for commercial purposes please send us an email