Connected Audio

Audio over 5G

Remote real time audio

Using the internet to deliver real time audio experiences has been a dream of many since its very birth. There has been plenty of attempts, but no one has been able to deliver to the ultra-low level latency required for a real time experience until now.

1 millisecond
100 miles

The unmatched ultra low latency performance of Elk Audio OS opens up for Network Operators being able to offer completely new products and services. And with every millisecond of latency that Elk removes, nearly 100 miles of additional service area will be gained.

5G partner

Elk has been tested in a real 5G environments. Together with 5G infrastructure provider Ericsson, we have been developing an audio and music platform, based on  the Elk Audio OS, to handle network communications and keep the latency at real time levels, opening up for a new era of internet services.

Make some noise
on the Internet

The ongoing roll out of 5G networks around the world will give us completely new possibilities of bringing almost anything to the internet. But few things have such harsh criteria for network speed as real time audio. To make use of the power 5G networks bring, an equally powerful Operating System such as Elk is needed on both ends of the chain. With real time audio over 5G, the sky’s the limit when it comes to new groundbreaking Connected Audio networks services. Have you ever used an online DAW? Well, they’re about to get a lot more powerful. With Elk Audio OS and 5G, cloud based processing and edge computing will finally meet music and audio.

Remote Jamming over the internet!

We used Elk Powered interfaces to connect with each other from 3 different locations in Stockholm over the internet.




How 5G Will Change the Music Industry – NAMM panel discussion

At 2020 NAMM show in Los Angeles Elk hosted a panel discussion titled “How 5G will change the music industry”. The panel included: Alan Parsons (Music industry veteran with a career spanning 6 decades), Kunal Jathal (Verizon Lab’s ENVRNMT project), Jim Odom (Founder and President of PreSonus) and Bill Goodman (Director – Solution Architecture at Ericsson). The panel discussed the upcoming possibilities, obstacles and the future of the music industry.

Full story here

Some of our partners and friends


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11 August
Elk Introduces Aloha, New Service for Real Time Remote Music Creation and Performance

31 January
NAMM panel talk

13 January
NAMM2020 - How 5G will change the music industry

07 January
Ericsson and True present Thailand’s first 5G-powered Connected Music Performance

08 November
5G Remote Music Performance hits Sevilla!

29 October
India’s first 5G powered Connected Music performance!

25 October
MWC19 - Los Angeles - Elk & 5G

11 October
Another successful demo of Elk Powered remote music making over 5G! This time Madrid!

25 September
Remote jamming over internet!

18 September
Christofer Ståhl from Ericsson on Elk Audio OS and 5G!

27 February
Remote Music Performance by Ericsson and MIND Music Labs at MWC19!

05 September
MIND and Ericsson join forces to bring remote jamming at Stockholm's MTF